November 13, 2013

Beauty DIY: 5 Must-Try Holiday Hairdos

I have good hair or so I’ve been told. When you have good hair, you don’t do less work because it’s generally in its element. On the contrary, you do more work to make it look abso-freakin’ show stopping. Or at least that’s the way Kim Kardashian and I roll. It’s called playing up your assets, my friends.

So look out holiday season, here are five holiday appropriate hairdos that will literally outshine Jesus on his birthday.

Old Hollywood Waves

This hairstyle is anything but old but it’s a hard one to pull off if you’re DIY’ing. This glamorous do requires some patience and precision but here’s the poor man’s version if you don’t have a hair appointment scheduled. Start by blow drying your locks with a volumizing serum and parting it off to one side. Next, separate your hair into medium sized sections. Use an iron with a one-inch barrel and curl sections in the same direction. Hairspray, brush out the curls and gather it together again so it feels like you’re creating one giant curl. Let go and tada!

Half Up Half Down Hair

One of my fondest childhood memories is screeching while my mom ripped through the knots in my hair. Eventually, she pulled it into a nice half up half down hairdo. Kate Middleton seems quite fond of it as well so why not try this angelic, polished do with your holiday ensemble? Spritz your roots with volumizing spray and curl your strands with a two-inch barrel. Tease your bangs and push them back with your fingers, securing with bobby pins. Smooth the front with a comb and spritz with hairspray.

The Heidi Braid

The Heidi braid is no longer just an accessory for your Dirndl Halloween getup. The poor man’s version of this holiday appropriate braid will require you to center part your hair and create two low braids on each side, much like pig tails. Pull them up towards your crown and fasten them in the middle making sure no stray pieces are sticking out.

The Blow-Out

Treat yourself to a professional blow-out for the big holiday shindig. There’s nothing better than leaving the salon with killer volume, shine and smoothness you’d never be able to achieve doing it yourself. If you must, apply a smoothing serum and separate your hair and blow-dry each section, ensuring you smooth down the cuticle for the ultimate in shine. If you want to add additional pop, add some temporary shimmer and dimension to your hair with a product like, dippity-do Shimmer Colorpops.

The Pompadour

We’re not talking about Snookie’s sad, sad poof. We’re talking about a Scarlett Johansson-esque sultry pomp. Set your hair in large rollers first to create voluminous curls. Grab hair as if creating a ponytail and pile on top of your head, securing with bobby pins. The key to this style is creating the pomp by leaving the front loose. If you want more drama, try backcombing the front for more volume and pulling it back.

To achieve these looks, you’ll need an arsenal of hair products as recommended by yours truly.



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