August 14, 2013

Designer Spotlight: Nicholas

Established in Melbourne in 2009 Nicholas was an instant cult hit. Known for its effortless and easy to wear style, Nicholas pieces are instantly recognizable with their clean lines, subtle detailing and bold colour palette. Shop the collection now on eLUXE!

We spoke with the design team on the early days, the fall collection and how they see their highly intricate prints and patterns constantly evolving…


How did the brand Nicholas come about?
The label was created in early 2009. The brand originally began as an in-house label for Green With Envy in response to gaps in the market for on trend pieces at an accessible price point.  It  has since grown to be known for its signature designs and trademark prints.




How does Melbourne influence your designs?
Definitely the people of Melbourne, everyone is distinctively individual in their style and the city has such a rich culture that you can’t help but be inspired by. Everyday you see something different! It’s constantly evolving and refreshing.


The Australian fashion industry has garnered so much attention on the worldwide stage in the last 5 to 6 years, why do you think that is?
The fashion industry in Australia really supports and fosters young talent, which gives new designers the opportunity to push the boundaries in terms of design.  Such a supportive industry also helps foster the development of new concepts and ideas.




What were your influences for the Fall 2013 collection?
We looked to a lot of different artists this season. Amazing photography by Nick Knight was one the main inspirations. We also experimented a lot with adding new dimensions to fabrics, for instance metallics and different textured coatings.


Your designs are highly graphic and very intricate, where do you see Nicholas’ designs going in the future, how will they evolve?
The aim is to constantly be evolving and experimenting with different fabrics and techniques whilst continuing to use traditional methods.





Shop the Nicholas collection now on eLUXE!




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