July 19, 2013

The List: The Best of Instagram

There’s no way to talk around it—Instagram has become an all-consuming habit. It’s a means of staying in touch, of spying into the glorified lives of others, of seeing ordinary things in a new light (or rather, filter). And so many people are on it! The bloggers, of course, but since when could you follow a designer so intimately? Or a fashion editor? Or Beyonce?! It’s not the same as following the paparazzi when it’s from their perspective, right? Or so we all tell ourselves as we wake up and check our phones first thing. As they say, for every thousand words, a picture. Here are a few of our favourites.


1LouDoillon1/ Lou DoillonAs the daughter of Jane Birkin and director Jacques Doillon, the smoky-voiced chanteuse was always destined for greatness. You can follow the model/actress/singer as she tours with her band, insouciant French charm and all. (Oh, and those bangs.)


2StevieDance2/ Stevie DanceAustralian expat living in New York. Stylist, founder of Shop Ghost, dream-weaver, muse. Enough said.


3NatalieJoos3/ Natalie Joos – She was once just a model casting agent hustling her way through the Big Apple. Thanks to Tales of Endearment, we can fully appreciate Joos’ fanciful personal style, eye for vintage, and witty writing voice. The woman tells it as it is (and laughs all the while).


4Daria4/ Daria WerbowyHomegrown Canadian talent who’s basically earned super model status. Never one to bask in the limelight, the rare selfie can be found amidst her travel snaps and numerous odes to Kurt Cobain.


5LeithClark5/ Leith ClarkAnother homegrown talent-turned-success story. Clark is a stylist and founder of every young girl’s dream, Lula Magazine. Lover of flats, A-line coats, and Miu Miu. Expect lots of wistful countryside inspiration.


6DanielleSnyder6/ Danielle SnyderOne half of sister jewellery line Dannijo, Snyder is a fashion plate and goofy Instagram wiz. Exuberant, colourful, consistent.


7EmmanuelleAlt7/ Emmanuelle AltEveryone let out a collective squeal when the Vogue Paris editrix decided to get her own Instagram account, then promptly clicked ‘follow.’ Here, a glimpse into her chic private life and inspirations.


8YasminSewell8/ Yasmin SewellRetail/fashion consultant, champion to upcoming and unheard of designers, mother to cutest toddler Knox. Her distinct personal style smacks of cool.


9HediSlimane9/ Hedi SlimaneSnippets from the Saint Laurent designer and photographer’s online diary. Portraits, skulls, music, Americana. Black and white only, if you please.


10MiroDuma10/ Miroslava Duma – Look no further than here for daily updates into the ever-stylish life of the petite street style favourite. How she manages so many outfit changes and directs Russia’s foremost online fashion platform Buro 24/7 at the same time is a mystery to us.


11JuliaRoitfeld11/ Julia Reston Roitfeld – Daughter of Carine the Great, mother to Romy and the Bunnies. What’s not to love?


12EmilyWeiss12/ Emily WeissFounder of daily must-read Into the Gloss and purveyor of all things beauty related—and relatable.


15DerekBlasberg13/ Derek BlasbergIf you’re tired of keeping up with every individual model with an Instagram account, Blasberg does all the work for you, hilarious captions included.


13TommyTon14/ Tommy Ton – After Bill Cunningham and before every other street style photographer, there was Jak and Jil. Aside from front row coverage, Ton has mad love for Japanese menswear, flouro Nikes, and Tim Blanks (of whom we may never find his online media presence elsewhere).


14SusieBubble15/ Susie Bubble ­– Our lives would be a little less colourful and far less quirky without blogger/writer Susie Bubble in it. Pattern clashers, take note.


16JayneMin16/ Jayne MinLA apparel designer and Stop It Right Now blogger. She has the guts to actually wear all those seasonal one-offs we salivate over from afar, yet never loses her tomboy nonchalance.


17MNZ17/ Maryam Nassir Zadeh – Owner of the impeccably curated boutique of the same name, Zadeh’s Instagram is an extension of that world. Beautiful art objects abound.


18LenaDunham18/ Lena Dunham ­– Creator of Girls, maybe the voice of our generation? Maybe not, but when you need a laugh, here’s where to go.


19FvF19/ Freunde von FreudenSometimes, knowing what’s in their closets just isn’t enough. FvF delves into the homes, studios, and minds of distinguished and obscure creatives from the world over.


20ChristianHansen20/ Christian Sorensen Hansen – Because fashion can’t sustain us alone. Landscapes and undergrowth from the west coast to incite your wanderlust.